We are very stringent on all matters of safety. This means our customers, the general public, our vehicles and our clients.

We have a clear and visible safety strategy and safety objectives, all of which are embedded into our culture at all levels of the business. From our passengers and vehicles, to safety of routes and driver training, we abide by all applicable regulations. We actively monitor and report our safety performance which is logged on a regular basis.


Coach repair. Image 'Mechanic at East Garage' by Metro Transit (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Vehicle Safety

All Coaches are fully maintained to the Vehicle and Operating Services Agency (VOSA) Standards. All vehicles are checked every day before each journey commences as part of the Daily Inspection, which entails the checking of all lights, emergency buzzers, seat belts and other safety checks. Every 4 weeks a full safety inspection of all major parts is performed by our fully qualified mechanics. All our vehicles are fitted with emergency lighting and first aid and fire equipment, the location of which are clearly marked.

Passenger Safety

Our main priority is passenger safety. All drivers are trained to ensure that there is no danger to either passengers or vehicles. In case of emergency or incident the driver will provide emergency supplies, which are located on every vehicle. The driver will also make passengers aware of fire exits. We assess all journeys to be undertaken, in respect of location, the route taken and safe parking at the destination as to allow passengers safe access to and from the vehicle. 

Seatbelt Safety

Thandi Coaches complies with the new Department of Transport Seat Belt Regulations. Prior to commencement of all journeys in accordance with EEC regulations covering PCV operation, if the vehicle is not fitted with the 'fasten seat belt sign', the driver will inform all group leaders and passengers that the vehicle is fitted with seat belts and they must be worn. 

Driver/Employee Safety

All members of staff are given an induction explaining all policies and procedures, which also includes driver's hours and breaks. Regular safety briefings are held in order to assess any areas of improvement or rectification. We undertake regular safety training including an induction programme for new drivers. It is Company Policy that all drivers are trained and appropriately qualified in all aspects of PCV regulations covering driver’s duties.